Are you aware of what goes on at your home when you are away, whether at work or out shopping to pick up groceries for tonight’s dinner? If you would like to keep an eye on the activities at home, such as when you have a babysitter looking after your baby or perhaps a pet or two at home, and you want to ensure they are safe, then a secret camera might be a great option for you. These cameras can also become handy in terms of detecting burglars who are entering your home and robbing you – when you notice such activities, and you would be able to take appropriate action and call the authorities. This way, you have a much greater chance of authorities catching the thieves red-handed.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there is no need to install CCTV cameras or other advanced systems if you wish to keep an eye on what is going on at home anymore. Many companies have introduced smaller options, often referred to as “secret cameras,’ that can be placed virtually anywhere and then monitored from a computer or your mobile device.

The Best Secret Cameras On The Market

We’ve seen a relatively large number of secret cameras pop up on the market lately. For many people, buying one of these cameras is becoming harder – as more options become available, you might find that you are not sure which camera would be best for your home.

After we looked at various options that you can choose from, we found that some of these products are truly better than the others. Below, we list three of the best secret cameras for the home that you can choose from in order to have better security and to ensure you can always check in to see what is going on back home.

1. Super Mini WiFi HD Camera

First up is the Super Mini WiFi HD Camera from iWantZone, one of the most portable options that we were able to find available at the moment. This camera comes in the form of a small, round object, with an HD lens installed. The HD lens can help to transmit images in a high resolution for crystal clear quality. The secret camera is surprisingly affordable and measures only four centimeters
in diameter.

With the iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera, you get the opportunity to keep your home secure by giving yourself the chance to check in on your home from anywhere, and at any time. You also get the ability to record video with the device, which means you will often find that some of the greatest moments in your life may be captured by the iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera.

You can connect to this secret camera remotely, as it connects to your home’s wireless network connection. The manufacturer has an easy-to-use app that is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. Once connected, you can get a live feed of the camera’s view. The camera also features night vision, which ensures you are able to continue keeping an eye on your house even when the lights are out.

Another added security feature would be the motion detector. Whenever the camera detects motion in a close range, then it will automatically start to record video.

The iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera is compatible with SD memory cards. You can place a memory card with an internal storage capacity of up to 64GB in the camera, which will be used to store recorded video on. The loop-cycle recording feature ensures that the oldest video files stored on the memory card will be deleted as storage becomes full.

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2. Micro HD Video Camera

Another great option for those looking to add a secret camera to their home with a low profile is the Micro HD Video Camera, also from iWantZone. This one is also extremely small and can be installed anywhere in your home. The price is a little higher than the previous one. The camera is compatible with memory cards of up to 32GB. You can choose to buy the camera with or without a bundled memory card.

The iWantZone Micro HD Video Camera contains a special IR-CUT technology that ensures night vision is automatically turned on or off according to the ambiance of the environment where the camera is installed. Motion detection also ensures video recording can be turned on when motion is detected in the nearby environment. With this particular feature, you will end up saving a lot of storage space, as no unnecessary videos will be recorded by the product.

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3. WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock

Fancy something that is a little more functional and creative? Then be sure not to miss out on this WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock. The device looks like a standard digital clock, but there is a hidden camera installed that gives you an opportunity to see exactly what is going on back home when you are not around.

The camera easily connects to a custom-built app that is available for a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android mobile platforms. You can also access the surveillance from a Mac or standard Windows computer. The WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock comes with .a range of convenient features, such as
motion sensing technology and a rechargeable battery.

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When it comes to ensuring you are always aware of the activities happening at home, a secret camera is a great way to keep yourself in the loop without exposing the fact that you are monitoring whoever may be on the inside of your home. There are quite a variety of these cameras on the market, so you should ensure you take a good look at what they offer and which option can give you the best value for your money.

We’ve listed three of the best ones that you can choose from – see which one fits your budget and needs best, and then start monitoring the activities at home while you are out.