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Screenholder Shower Curtain


Don’t worry about your devices getting wet this Screen holder Shower Curtain is for you!

Simply slide your device into a waterproof pocket on the outside with your phone or tablet facing the inside of the shower. It has multiple pockets which you can put your phone and tablet. You can enjoy free timethrough the touchscreen interaction when taking a shower.

Listen to music, read the news or watch a movie then take a shower.  Touchscreen interaction allows full control from the inside. You can take a call, change songs, send texts or play a game while in the shower. Fit any normal sized shower or bath. You can also combine this with your favorite regular shower curtain. Has 12 pockets to keep your devices safe, 6 for phone, and 6 for a tablet.

Mildew, mold resistant, odorless and eco-friendly. 



Product Specifications:

  • Material: PVC
  • Item Size: 180*180cm
  • Package: 1 * Shower Curtain + 12 * Hooks

IMPORTANT: This is a popular sale item with limited inventory. We have some left in stock and they are available as of today:

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