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Remote Control Duplicator

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Duplicate your existing remote controllers so you always have a backup with this Remote Control Duplicator!
It is good for vehicle central locking systems, garage doors, electronic gates, electrical appliances, car sunroofs, and car/motorbike alarms. The four buttons could respectively copy four different types of chips. That is a remote control that can operate four different types of facilities. The frequency is from 270MHz to 434MHZ and more than ten frequency points.

Faster copy data speed, not easy losing code far distance. ​



Product Specifications:

  • Material: Metal
  • Rated Voltage: 12V 
  • Working Current: (1.6±0.3)mA 
  • Working Voltage: DC12V 
  • Transmitting Power: -15dbm 
  • Button Operation Ability: 200±50g 
  • Second Harmonic: -36dbm 
  • Working Temperature: -5~+45°C 
  • Standby Current:  <0.03uA 
  • Emission Frequency: (433±0.075)MHZ 
  • Battery Mode: 27A 
  • Button Durability: More than 100,000 times 

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