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No Pull Pet Vest Harness


Do you own a dog who constantly pulls? you're not alone. Pulling on the lead is one of the most common problems people have with their dogs. It causes pressure on their necks and can lead to a damaged trachea. This can be extremely painful for dogs and could lead to surgery.

The best way to prevent this and give your pup the safety and comfort they deserve is with our EXCLUSIVE  No Pull Pet Vest Harness.

Easy hassle-free on and off. Comfortable for your fur-baby & works with breeds of ALL sizes. High quality, this harness will last FOREVER.

Not to mention the hassle and hefty Vet bill it will SAVE you down the line.


✔ No Pull - Trains Your Dog to Walk Beside You

✔ Easy on / Easy off - Hassle free and Simple to use

✔ Heavy Duty Outside- High Quality Built to Last

✔ Soft, Breathable Mesh Inside - Comfortable For Your Dog to Wear

✔ Reflective - Added safety and peace of mind on night walks

✔ Fits ALL Breeds Over 12 pounds (Not Just for Pugs!)


Size Guide:


Product Specification:

  • Material:  Nylon + Mesh + Oxford cloth