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Indestructible Bulletproof Protection Shoes


Tired of your old boring work shoes?


say goodbye to your uncomfortable work shoes today and upgrade to these super stylish, indestructible work shoes.  Not only do they provide the luxurious comfort that your feet deserve, but they will also keep your feet safe from sharp objects on the ground to heavy objects falling on your toes. 


Made from state of the art materials - these affordable work shoes put your safety at the forefront with premium quality steel toe caps, breathable woven upper and a powerful shock-resistant & anti-slip rubber sole.



  • Latest shock absorption technology to prevent impact to the feet.
  • Premium quality steel toe caps
  • Keeps the sole of your feet safe with an anti-puncture base
  • Skid-proof and a great electrical insulator for extra safety
  • Wear-resistant technology 
  • Also perfect for Camping, Hunting and Hiking
  • Super comfortable 
  • Highly durable

Please note the order shoe sizes are US sizes-Please check the size chart below for UK/EU Sizes.



IMPORTANT: This is a popular sale item with limited inventory. We have some left in stock and they are available as of today:

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