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Bulletproof Camo Safety Protection Work Shoes

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Tired of your old boring work shoes?

Say goodbye to your uncomfortable work shoes of today and upgrade to these super stylish, indestructible work trainers.  Not only do they provide the luxurious comfort that your feet deserve, but they will also keep your feet safe from sharp objects on the ground to heavy objects falling on your toes. 

 Indestructible Bulletproof Protection Shoes

Made from state of the art materials - these affordable work shoes put your safety at the forefront with premium quality steel toe caps, breathable woven upper and a powerful shock-resistant & anti-slip rubber sole.

 Indestructible Bulletproof Protection Shoes 


  • Latest shock absorption technology to prevent impact to the feet.
  • Premium quality steel toe caps
  • Keeps the sole of your feet safe with an anti-puncture base
  • Skid-proof and a great electrical insulator for extra safety
  • Wear-resistant technology 
  • Also perfect for Camping, Hunting and Hiking
  • Super comfortable 
  • Highly durable


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

The order that was sent was the incorrect size. Having dealt with your customer service team the correct order is no on the way. Cherry who was dealing with the order problem was fantastic and I will review when the correct order is delivered.


Very bad i paid yous and you order for me from China with big profit
I order size 42 you send me 45size totally ripoff

Thin insole

After adding a more solid insole under original one shoes are really comfy.

Indestructible Bulletproof Protection Shoes

These shoes are like magic, never had more comfy and good looking safety shoes in my life, also they are extremely durable!

Very good for Summer

I have to say these are very comfy from day one. No problems with ankles being rubbed or any other aches or pains.
I bought them for Summer gardening and can walk up to ten miles a day with no complaints.
Observations are light in weight, however the soles do flex when digging with a spade on firm ground, something you dont get with heavier boots.
Cant comment on waterproofing, but no sweaty feet is a bonus.
Not sure how robust the toe caps are.
Summary. Good lightweight Summer boots, ideal for light work. Will keep my heavy leather boots for bad weather and construction work.