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Crystal Band Ring

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Want to stand out from the crowd? This stunning Crystal Band Ring is the perfect combination of boutique, glitz & glam. Its delicate appearance will catch everyone's attention. 

Whether you're going to a dinner party, to a swanky restaurant or a posh ball this beautiful ring will always be the perfect companion to compliment your chosen attire. Complete your glamorous look with this beautiful ring.



  • Stunning unique design
  • Beautiful love heart finish
  • Perfect fashion accessory to accompany any outfit 
US Size UK Size EU Size Diameter Circumference
5 J 49 15.7mm 49mm
6 K 51 16.51mm 51.50mm
7 M 54 17.35mm 54mm
8 P 56 18.18mm 56.60mm
9 R 59 18.90mm 59.50mm
10 T 61 19.80mm 62.10mm
11 V 64 20.60mm 64.60mm
12 X 66 21.40mm 67.20mm