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Cable Clips & Cord Management System (5 Pack)



Tired of messy cables & cords consuming your space? These cute little Cable clips come with an acrylic adhesive pad attached to the back so they're super easy & convenient to use and there is no need for fiddly tools.  Simply peel off the tape and stick them where ever you wish, the adhesive pad is super strong and will firmly hold your cable clips anywhere. Perfect for tidying up your cluttered desks wires, you can even use them in your car to hold those distracting wires in place.

Whip those cords into ship-shape with Affordable Cable Clips & Cord Management System. These trusty cable organizers bring even the most unruly of twisted cables under your cable management in a jiffy.




  • Perfect for chargers, USB cables, power cords, computer desk, audio wires, ethernet cable, TV wires and even your musical instruments.
  • Easily mount to a desk, wall, table & other flat surfaces with permanent peel & stick backing (1 second set up)
  • Easy to use (no tools needed)
  • Holds wires up to 5/16in (7.5mm) diameter
  • Allows you to work smarter 
  • Safe to use


  • Size: 9x12x18cm
  • Material: Silicone