Woodworking Dowel Jig Set

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Want to take your wood working game to the next level? This handy Dowel Jig Set will allow you to accurately produce edge-to-edge, T, and edge-to-corner joints with ease.

Featuring a non slip base to keep it firmly in place as you drill the holes in a variety of diameters. Simply line up your jig and drill your hole perfectly inline with your dowel.

Woodworking Dowel Jig Set


  • Quick jig peg that self-centres within boards to make fast, accurate positioning joints.
  • Capable of edge-to-edge, T, and edge-to-corner joints.
  • Made of impact resistant plastic.
  • Can be used on cards up to 31mm thick.
  • Adapts 6, 8 and 10mm drills.


  • Material: Plastic + metal
  • Drill Brush: 6/8/10mm

Woodworking Dowel Jig Set