Wooden City Blocks Toy

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Wooden blocks are a lot of fun for your toddler!

An educational set that stimulates creativity, imagination, and logical thinking. Your child can arrange, have fun, and learn about the world around him in a pleasant way. A child can create their own buildings, which can positively affect the development of creativity and imagination. A child can build his own town with streets, a cafe, a school, a police station, a hospital, and so on. This toy will provide hours and hours of fun.

Wooden City Blocks Toy - JH-101 - Wooden Blocks


  • During the stacking process, the baby can exercise the baby’s grasping ability and cultivate the refined movement of the small hand, which helps to promote the movement of the hand and exercise the baby’s concentration
  • Combine building blocks with urban scenes and let your baby learn about basic building and transportation knowledge by building blocks.
  • Study 26 letters in the process of the game, inspire the baby’s mathematical talent while learning 0-9 numbers; the way of adding a bottom plate to the puzzle adds more playability.
  • The bucket cover has the shape of building blocks. Parents can lead the baby to put the blocks back into the bucket according to the shape, which can not only exercise the baby’s perception of the shape and cultivate the child’s ability to pack the toys independently, but also promote the parent-child relationship and entertain the society.
  • Applicable age for over 3 years old.


  • Material: Beech
  • Product Weight: 2700g
  • Colour: As Shown

Wooden City Blocks Toy - JH-101 - Wooden Blocks

Package Includes:

  • 115 x City Blocks

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