USB LED Grow Light for Plants


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The USB LED Grow Light was designed with full spectrum ( 3W:10Red+4Blue; 5W:18Red+9Blue) light ray to help accelerate the growth of indoor plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, succulent plants, potted plants, promoting leaves and flowers blooming. USB plant light is the perfect solution for indoor plants that aren’t getting enough sunlight.


  • Including plants need all of the spectra
  • ​Blue (wavelength: 440nm~460nm): Help plants grow;
  • Red  (wavelength: 630nm~660nm): Help plants grow and flower.
  • Red LED is the key for flowering plants
  • LED grow light for hydroponic plant growth and other high-output indoor gardening projects including those for fruits and vegetables.
  • USB powered, easily powered by any 5V USB port such as PC, notebook, laptop, power bank, USB hub, etc.
  • Low DC 5V voltage input, safe to use.
  • Mini size, portable to carry, plug and play, easy to use.
  • Energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life is up to 50,000 hours.
  • A great growing lamp can be widely used in small office/desk plants, such as herbs, bonsai, cactus, and greenhouse plants, flowers, hydroponic systems, and vegetable cultivation.


  • Product Name: LED Grow Lamp
  • Voltage:USB/DC 5V
  • Wattage:  3W/5W
  • Full Spectrum:3W:10Red+4Blue;;5W:18Red+9Blue
  • Housing Material: ceramics