Ultimate Car Cleaner

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Does your car’s interior look old and worn down? Do you want to renovate it and make it look almost new again without the cost?  Introducing the amazing Ultimate Car Cleaner. Dust and dirt can make a vehicle’s interior appear old and neglected. Our Ultimate Car Cleaner restores the crisp, clean, factory-fresh look of automotive interiors.

Featuring a powerful air pulse nozzle, the Ultimate Car Cleaner produces enormous power with a small air compressor to simple and effectively budge that deep dust and dirt from all the cracks and crevices in your precious car’s interior.  It’s super easy & effective to use and will change the way you clean your car forever.

Not only can the Ultimate Car Cleaner be used for car interiors but it is also just as effective in your household on items such as your sofa and carpets.


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast & efficient way to clean your car
  • Will make your worn down interior look almost brand new.
  • Super powerful air pulse nozzle to break up and budge deep dirt.
  • Perfect for your car interior, sofa, chairs, carpets.


  • Weight: 550g.
  • Material:  Aluminum + Plastic.