Touch Screen 1080P Car DVR stream media Dash camera

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Streaming media DVR mirror
The streaming rearview mirror uses full screen instead of the original viewing mirror. The rear image of the vehicle is displayed on the screen in real-time through the camera. Compared with the rearview mirror, it is less affected by bad weather and has a clear view. Full-screen display and 3x rearview to expanding the driver’s field of vision. Keep your driving safe.



  • Screen viewing angle adjustable: You can adjust the appropriate angle of view by long-pressing the screen and moving your finger up and down.
  • Gently swipe to switch views: You can switch views by swiping your finger left or right. It contains 3 views: front view, rear view, front & rearview.

  • 10 Inch Full View Screen: 10-inch full-view touch screen with 2.5D curved glass mirror. Clear and smooth images are delivered without delay, and the colour is more expressive!
  • 6 optical glass lenses: 6 layers of an optical lens, Intelligent anti-shake, capture high-quality screen.
  • Front camera design: With this thoughtful front lens design, you no longer have to worry about the rain sensor touching the DVR’s field of view.
  • 170-degree wide-angle: With a 170-degree wide-angle lens, the camera can comfortably monitor 3 lanes. This camera has no blind spots. Enjoy your journey and achieve accurate and detailed captures.

  • Support night vision function: Using a large aperture night vision lens, while the camera chip built-in night vision processing function.
  • Automatic reverse safety parking: When the car is reversing, the device automatically switches to the rear camera image view through a 10-inch full-mirror screen. It comes with high-quality images that help identify important details such as license plates, driver movements and road functions that may prove your innocence.

  • Time-lapse video:  Time-lapse video can be continuously recorded for 24 hours, more secure and convenient. Easy to look back at the video. No need to format the memory card often. 

  • Loop Recording: Automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files except for locked files when the memory card is full.
  • G-Sensor: G-Sensor can lock up current DVR recovering during critical moments (such as car accidents), thus protecting your high-quality recordings.
  • 24 Hours Parking Monitor: If DVR be shocked by any external forces like a thief while parking, it’s Parking Mode function will turn on to recording automatically ( Warm reminder, it should be used with power cable.