Tactical Self Defence Pen

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The tactical self-defence pen is made of aviation aluminium through type III hard anodic oxidation, which can be your perfect self-defence tool for emergency. Provide nice writing tools with high performance and bodyguard for an emergency. Diamond thread design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability. 
Effect tactical action, improve safety coefficient Strong attack defence head, control criminals effectively. Can be used as broken glass apparatus for quickly escaping when driving in an emergency
Manganese steel pen holder: Accord with ergonomics design, easy to hook on your backpack, bags, notebookAviation aluminium material made, durable and practical. Smooth business pen, round pen tip, comfortable and stable.
This elegant pen is made for double-duty. Use it daily as a great pen and as a personal protection tool. The tungsten carbide head can break a car window in 2 seconds or be used to make a predator regret having chosen you.


  • Multifunctions: Self-defence tool pen can use for defending yourself from an unexpected attack, also broken glass apparatus for quickly escaping from a dangerous place under emergent and unexpected circumstance. High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen for fluent writing. Compatible with standard refills.
  • Smooth Writing: High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen built for fluent writing and compatible with Standard Refills.
  • Portable: These pens won’t be confiscated as a prohibited good and weapon by security personnel, but go through the airport security check easily. You can bring it with you every day, everywhere.
  • Excellent Gift: Self-defence pen will be a paramount birthday and Christmas present for your family and friends.
  • Ultra Solid & Rugged Material: Tactical pen body material was made of sturdy and solid Aviation aluminium alloy, can break the glass in an emergency situation.No slip from your hand benefit from skid-proof design(tactical pen body), and gives you a very comfortable grip.


  • Material: Aviation aluminium
  • Weight: 42 g
  • Colour: Black, Silver, Gold
  • Size: Approx. 14.5x3cm (LxD)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Tactical Self Defense Pen 

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Gray, Silver, Black