Tabletop Terrarium Indoor Garden Planter

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Super-Cute, Easy Maintenance, Indoor Garden!

Human beings have a natural affinity for elements of nature, which has the innate ability to heal our body and mind, as well as improve our mood!

Tabletop terrarium planters evoke a sense of serenity and inner peace that heals the mind, body and soul while also eliminating odours and absorbing pollutants in the air.


Whether you live in an apartment, are chained to an office desk, or just want to be surrounded by green, living things, our tabletop terrarium planters are a delightful way to combine the worlds of home decor and gardening. Terrarium plants are also very customizable; flower pots are the ideal size for most plants and flowers! Add stones or gems and pebbles to truly make it your own!


Our tabletop terrarium planters come included with a beautiful handmade natural wooden frame that can be hung on the wall or doubles as a stand on a table! With 3 different configurations from 1-3 vases, they are perfect for any office or home space! plant pots or terrariums are also great gifts to send your friend, relatives, and colleagues, etc! 


  • Propagate your fresh new cuttings to grow into beautiful and healthy plants!
  • Perfect for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, the possibilities are endless.
  • Super carefree! No additional water needed!
  • Easy Installation! Set-up in minutes!
  • 2020 Latest Home Decor Trend. Don’t Miss Out!! 


  • Material: glass + wood
  • Small 1vase: 28*16*12cm/11.02×6.30×4.72 in
  • Medium 2vases: 21*16*12cm/8.27×6.30×4.72 in
  • Large 3Vases: 16*14*12cm/6.30×5.51x 4.72 in
  • New A: 9x4x6cm/3.54×1.57×2.36”

  • New B: 12x5x3.5cm/4.72×1.97×1.38
  • ​New C: 16.6×15.5×3.8cm/6.54×6.1×1.5”
  • S: 12.5x9x7.8cm

  • M: 12.5×11.5×7.8cm
  • L: 20.5x12x7.8cm
  • Single Vase: 12.5x10x7cm

  • Double Vases: 19x10x7cm
  • DoubleVases. : 12.5x10x7cm