Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle

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This Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle is a double layer stainless steel vacuum cup body. It has lasting insulation and cold protection. 

You have to spend more time and energy on caring your physical health. This portable and lightweight thermos cup offers you tepid or refreshing drink. This intelligence use-method makes your life more simple and convenient.



  •  Made of stainless steel, PP, and PC
  • It has an intelligent sense of water temperature with a sensitive temperature sensor
  • Energy-saving OLED display screen, easy to know the water temperature, and gives you warm companion
  • Streamlined body design, convenient and comfortable to hold
  • Refined vacuum technology which keeps water warm or cold for over 6 hours 


  • Thermal Insulation Performance: 0-6 hours
  • Metal Type: FDA 304 Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 430ml
  • Product Size: 75*84*228ml
  • Net Weight: 310g
  • Top Diameter: 66ml
  • Battery: CR2032 

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