Special Insulated Screwdriver Set

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It’s a professional Special Insulated Screwdriver Set for electricians to do various types of electrical work or other repair work. No matter if you are performing electrical repairs or just daily repairs, in general, this set is a must-have for any handyman or electricians toolbox.

Special Insulated Screwdriver Set with an ergonomic two-colour handle made from fire-resistant materials. This set was designed to provide maximum torque and comfort of use. This series of tools tested according to the German VDE and GS standards, compliance with safety IEC60900 use under high-pressure resistance 1000V live electrical environment. Handle and blades are suitable for working on live circuits up to a normal voltage of 1000 VAC, 1500VDC or components nearby. Environment VDE tools typically harsh environments, such as an extreme cold or hot state. insulated tools series using high-quality insulation materials in line with German standards and international standards.


  • Quality & Durable: This Electrician Screwdrivers set have Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and exceptional torque. Made of chrome vanadium steel, hardened for maximum wear resistance.
  • Security Choice: Insulated Screwdrivers set with soft-grip polypropylene handles.Insulated design support withstanding voltage up to 1000V.Insulated shafts protect against short circuits & shocks, reduce the risk of electrical shorting. Choose KKmoon Choose Security.
  • Powerful Functions: Interchangeable Plug-pull tip design, easy to install and replace the bits, time-saving and efficient. Magnetic tips conveniently attract screws. Insulated design ensure safe working at the permitted voltage of 1,000 volts.
  • Cost-effective: Includes 13PCS various types of bits to meet different electrical and DIY needs. Includes popular slotted & Phillips head drivers.
  • Widely Used: Multifunction screwdriver set for extensive use during DIY, assembling flat-packed furniture, maintenance, repair and electrical work. Comes with a sturdy case, convenient for storage and portable for use.


  • Material: CR-V
  • Handle Material: PP, TPR
  • Product rated for up to AC1000V
  • Box Size: 38x19x4.5cm
  • Size:
  • Slotted: 3/32(2.5mm) x 75mm, 5/32(3.9mm) x 100mm, 7/32 (5.5mm) x 125mm  1/4(6.5mm) x 150mm
  •  Phillips: PH0 x 75mm ,PH1 x 100mm,PH2 x100mm

Package includes:

Package 1:

  • 1X Special Insulated Screwdriver Set 7PC Screwdriver

Package 2:

  • 1X  Special Insulated Screwdriver Set 13PC VDE Screwdriver