Solar System Bracelets

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Have the universe in the palm of your hand or wrist, for days when you feel almighty.

Wear the celestial bodies on your wrist with this gorgeous solar system bracelet. The eight planets of the solar system are represented with eight different and vibrant beads, separated with gold plated beads.

Solar System Bracelets allow this to be easy donned and shows off your love for astronomy, space, and science. These pieces also make perfect geek gifts for the fashionable nerd in your life.

  • This bracelet is far out man! One of the most unique bracelets you will ever own. Take the power of the planets and the stars with you wherever you go.
  • It is Unisex: can be worn by both women and men. When you wear it, you are the sun, all the eight planets revolve around you.
  • These bracelets have three styles, one is with multi-crystal stone style, second is a blue and style and third is a blue sandstone style. Its minimum size is 6mm, the maximum size is 8mm.
  • Material: Natural Blue Sand Stone
  • Size: 6-8mm
  • Bracelet Length: 18-20cm