Solar Powered LED Car Cup Mat

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Innovative Cup Holder Accent Glow

  • Innovative Design- High-quality interior solar-powered LED with accent glow. Designed with auto glow and universal fit.
  • Solar Charging Function- These unique solar-powered lights are powered by the greatest energy source in the universe… the Sun. You can get started by placing them in the sun for 6 hours for a full charge of 30 days! These cup mats are water resistant, scratch resistant, with high sturdiness and stability
  • Industrial Grade Materials- Made from BPA free, top quality acrylic, and energy-saving LED by a light scratch-resistant panel, durable and stable. It can be used as an interior decorative light creating a wonderfully unique atmosphere for you.  
  • Special Functions- The built-in light sensor and vibration sensor means that the cup holder will light-up automatically turn on when it gets dark or feels the vibration of a moving vehicle, then turns off after 15 seconds of inactivity to conserve power.
  • Dimensions and Size- The Cup Mat has a diameter of 72cm and the solar-powered battery pack is 40cm x 26cm.
  • Multi-Colored Variants: Blue, Red, and Green