Smart Laser Measuring Tape

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Traditional tape measures aren’t the easiest tools to control, especially if you’re on your own. This super accurate Smart Laser Measuring Tape makes measuring easy to use even if you’re on your own.

Simply point the laser at the target and the device will display the measurements on the LCD screen and as you move back or forward it will instantly update the readings. You can easily switch between what metrics you would like to see, offering area and volume measurements in inches, feet and metric units making this the ideal tool renovations, construction, interior decorating and even real estate.


  • Built with 630-670 nm, II class laser
  • Vertical and horizontal bubble for precise orientation
  • Long press to turn on the device and short press to measure the distance
  • Displays measurement in 0.5s
  • HD backlight display and waterproof
  • Exceptional resistance to scratches drops and bumps.


  • Power: AAA 1.5V × 2pcs (batteries not included)
  • Accuracy (in): ±0.06 in
  • Measuring Distance (m): 40/50/60/80/100m
  • Product Net Weight: 76g
  • Unit: m/in/ft
  • Product Size: 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.1 in.