Small Puppy Dog Coat

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Tired of your dog shaking like a leaf every time they go outside? OR When it’s windy or cool outside and you need to take your dog for a walk, there is good news. This padded dog jacket is both thick and windproof for a great walk or playtime with your dog. These jackets do a great job of keeping your dog comfortable when it’s damp or windy outside and you’ll feel much better knowing that your dog is less likely to get sick due to the inclement weather. 

Made out of high-quality materials and a zipper for the perfect fit every time, the jacket also has a built-in loop that makes attaching your leash to it a very simple task.

Padded jackets are just what your fur baby needs when you have a walk or some playtime planned and the weather is less than perfect. These waterproof dog vests fit perfectly and look great and their full-body design keeps every part of the dog dry when you’re outside walking or playing.


  •  Multiple Colors and Designs
  •  Dog clothes are machine washable
  • Dog coats are warm and Windproof
  • Waterproof Winter Dog Vest
  • Padded Dog Vest has zipper design, easy on and off, Easy to clean and wash.
  • Multiple Sizes fit for all dog breeds, small medium or large dog.
  • Quilted Padded Puffer, Keep your dog warm and comfortable in cold weather.
  • With a D-ring, each side of the zipper easily attaches your dog’s lead, convenient for walking your dog.