The toilet brush that is always clean!

We all know it, a traditional brush has become a dirty thing in no time and we don’t like to spend money on a new one again and again. Moreover, you will never get your toilet completely clean with it, because a traditional brush will of course not reach everywhere.

The Flexi Toilet Brush is the revolution in toilet hygiene!

Thanks to its flexible design, the Flexi Toilet Brush touches the smallest corners and for the unique rubber brush removing the most stubborn dirt is child’s play!

Your toilet brush as a design element:

With Flexi, you immediately get a real eye-catcher at home. All guests will envy the look of your toilet brush (who would have ever thought that!). Order your favourite colour that matches your home perfectly!


  • Toilet brush set: Silicone toilet brushes made of high-quality ABS + silicone brush head, The anti-adhesive coating, no dirt can attach to the bristles and thus ensures a germ-free zone.
  • Water Repellent: The toilet brush head is water-repellent, eliminating the hassle of dripping.
  • Stainless Steel Handle: Selected materials ensure quality and longevity. The stainless steel handle is stainless and the premium silicone toilet brush head has excellent durability.
  • Cleaning time savings: Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier and reduce cleaning time. Comfortable, non-slip handle design, pack with stable and breathable mounting base, it is well ventilated. The simple and beautiful design is tailored to your bathroom.


  • Material: ABS+ TPR
  • Size:36.5×9.8×4.3cm

Package Included:

  • 1 x Toilet Brush
  • 1 x Toilet Brush Holder

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