Silicone Non-Slip Placemat With Plate/Bowl For Babies

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This Silicone Non-Slip Placemat+Bowl will make dinner time stress free! Made with strong suction, non-slip high-quality silicone, FDA material. Designed to fit most high chairs. Durable, easy to rinse and happy to use!

Catch your baby/child’s attention with this unique and playful design to bring a happy feeding mealtime!

This is the perfect baby/child’s plate with its innovative tapered edges, it will keep those cute little fingers from lifting the corners up and also deep enough to store food and not be tipped over.



  • Unique and Cute eye-catching design makes mealtime fun and exciting for toddlers. It engages kids while feeding which results in eating appropriate quantity.
  • It’s non-slip surface sticks to the table and generates strong suction which helps in promoting self-feeding and developing fine motor skills with less mess and tipped bowls.
  • Perfect for a fruit, vegetables, and main dishes – and the edge of the plate is deep enough to accommodate cereal with milk and pasta.
  • 100% ECO-Friendly, made from 100% Pure Silicone complying with FDA Approved Standards. It does not harbor bacteria and it is free from BPA, BPS, PVC, and phthalate.
  • Innovative tapered edges will keep those cute little fingers from lifting the corners up.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe 

Silicone non-slip placemat with plate/bowl for babies

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Silicone Placemat

Product Size:

  • 270mm x 195mm

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