Sanding Block Hand Dust Extraction

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A multipurpose tool conceived for sanding on concave, convex and flat shaped surfaces thanks to special plates attached to a hand block body. The replacement of the different plates is quick and easy.

Dust-free sanding is now a reality when using flexible sanding block combined with dust extraction. This ‘D’ handled hand sanding block with a hook and loop attachment pad is light in weight and very comfortable to hold. A great choice for the painter and decorator who needs to rub down fillers and drywall joints. A 20mm x 4m long dust extraction hose is available which has a tapered fitting to suit many sizes of a vacuum extractor. These blocks allow for a cleaner working environment and minimum clean-up.


  • Applicable Range: Suitable for surface grinding and polishing of furniture, wood, stone, hardware, and other products.
  • Hook And Loop Type Grinding Disc: The grinding disc is hook and loop fastener type and needs to be used with perforated sandpaper. The hook and loop fastener type grinding disc, which can replace sandpaper of various meshes.
  • No Dust: Dust hole and vacuum cleaner tube connection can achieve vacuum function and ensure a dust-free environment
  • Comfortable Grip: Hand Sanding Block is suitable for long-term operation. not tired, not grinding hands.Lightweight and easy to carry, elastic and not easy to deform.
  • Easy To Use: Makes sanding easier and quicker. Provides a reliable and comfortable grip for better sanding control.


  • Material: ABS plastic+ velcro
  • Weight: about 190g/230g/560g/220g
  • Size: 5″, 8″, 9″ and 16.5″