Russian Gaming Keyboard

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Bet you will never want to stop playing from your computer anymore once you get your hands on this Gaming Backlit Keyboard Round Keys. The round keys of this keyboard make it unique from the others. A mechanical kind functioning faster and better which is perfect for gaming and for work use.


  • Aluminium Alloy: The best part about this keyboard is its aluminium alloy panel surface. It has a very sleek design which makes it very comfortable to use. All buttons are very easy and smooth to press which will give you the best gaming experience. And no worries even after used for a long time as the prints will never fade.
  •  Light Up Design: You can even feel more exciting as you are playing games with its cool backlight effect. It has a night glow effect which you can appreciate more when it is dark. If you feel like playing or working in a dark room, you can still comfortably see which buttons you are pressing. 
  • Different Multimedia Buttons: You can access more of your computer functions by just pressing some buttons on the keyboard. No need to search from your computer using your mouse. This keyboard has a shortcut button for the search button, mail button, music buttons (play, pause, forward, reverse), calculator, volume, and many more. This makes life easier and time-saving.
  • Round Keys: The round keys are the one which makes this keyboard look cool and unique. Its mechanical design makes it very soft and easy to press with its function being reflected right away as you play the game. It makes typing also easier if you are using this for working.