Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep up with the everyday mess, no dirty floor again! Make a schedule for Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, it will clean home automatically every day, at a specific time, even if nobody is at home.


  • X500 robot can connect with Alexa and Google Home, hope u will like it Path Planning Real-time Mapping/Navigation and Positioning/Intelligent Trapping
  • 3in1 Vacuum Sweep Mopping 1800pa Hurricane Suction&Visible Map Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Gyro Navigation System – Route Planning/Route Memory/Speed Control/S-type Walk/Intelligently Fill up Missing Parts
  • Double Effect Cleaning Hair Sucking/Sweep Particles/Strong Power
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes Edge cleaning modes/Spot cleaning mode/Path cleaning mode/Single room cleaning mode/Schedule cleaning modes.
  • Route Planning: Planned cleaning without leaving any spot out
  • Phone Remote Control: Real-time map in your hand
  • Auto-control Pressure Wet Mop – Multiple points recharge, 180 recharge easily back home
  • Both sides dust-gathering: Both sides brush gathering dust, no fight alone with dust.
  • Voltage (V): 14.4V
  • Power (W): 21-30W
  • Working time: About 90-120min
  • Cord Length (m): Wireless
  • water tank: 350ml