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RGB Pseudo-glow Tube Clock

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The digital clock which brought an entirely new design of the RGB retro full-colour simulation glow tube electronic clock. It installs 6pcs RGB glow PCB on the bottom and 6 groups numbers with 10pcs number shape engraved display panes covered by glass dust case on the RGB. When powering on the clock, the mainboard will control the bottom RGB turn on/off to light up the corresponding display pane to show the number which makes it look great tube clock.


Due to the programmable and RGB light source design, you can use the computer software to change the display colour and display mode as your will with lots of fun. It supports 12 hours / 24 hours time displaying mode with hour voice alarm(English language) and 3 groups alarm clock time easy to use. 5V 1A input via micro USB powered with PIR Infrared motion control easy to use. it has a wooden base and delicate appearance makes it beautiful to decorate your desktop also a perfect gift for your friends.


  • You can choose your favourite colour in each bit. Supports real-time clock mode and chronometer mode colour in each bit. EleksTube supports real-time clock mode and stopwatch mode.
  • The LED light tube clock uses an innovative way to simulate the reality of the glowing tube, which can connect your computer to change its colour with your mind. And add the full-colour RGB bleaching function. Full support for Windows / Mac system.
  • They have an anodic alumina alloy base in black metal and the integrated main controller and a 1600W colour tube lamp panel. Add a new passion and creativity to your artistic creation.
  • Power Elekstube via USB cable, connect it to a computer outlet or a wall outlet. Then the clock shines.
  • EleksTube offers you 2 display modes: horloge Clock mode: displays real-time in a 24-hour system.


  • Shell material: bamboo / black walnut, acrylic
  • Single bit dimensions (LxWxH): 4.3 x 4.3 x 6.5 cm
  • Dimensions of the 6-bit kit (LxWxH): 33×8.5×9.5 cm

Technical parameters:

  •  Power supply: USB
  •  Bit: 6, display the second, minute and time easily
  •  Light source: LED Board
  •  Light colour: Full-color RGB, choose your favourite colour
  •  Display mode 2 modes: ClockMode and StopWatch

Package Includes:

  • 1X RGB Pseudo-glow Tube Clock