Resin Gold Black Monkey Chandelier Lighting

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Resin Gold Black Monkey Chandelier Lighting is a monkey shape lamp. Thanks to Resin Gold Black Monkey Chandelier Lighting, you can bring in your houses these nice little monkeys made of white gold, black resin, that will have fun to illuminate your outdoor and indoor rooms in a creative and amusing way. Reconciling the animal’s world with the art and design world proposes these nice in three different layings the table version represents a monkey that remains sited, the floor little monkey stands, the third is a wall lamp while in the fourth version the little monkey hangs on a flexible rope. Resin Gold Black Monkey Chandelier Lighting represents the nice primate that holds up with a hand the LED lamp as if it was a torch.


  • High quality: made of resin and hemp rope, stable performance, long service life
  • the best gift for friends, family, children, elders and so on
  • The morning pendant lamp can be used in the study room, bedroom, living room, bar, coffee shop, etc


  • Material: Resin
  • Colour: White Black Gold
  • Size: Floor lamp: 46 X 27.5 X 54CM, Wall lamp: 37 X 20.5 X 55CM, Table lamp: 34 X 30 X 32CM, Pendant light: 35 X 30 X 70CM

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