Recyclable Vertical Wheels Household Storage

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This is a double-layer sealed trash can. There is a universal pulley at the bottom to facilitate the movement of the storage bucket. Large capacity, divided into two layers, can be classified as garbage, health and environmental protection. 

Three-layer design, the garbage is not bent, the environmental protection material is more comfortable to use, the universal wheel design, the movement is more convenient; the classification and storage are more convenient.


  • Double-layer design, no need to bend over the garbage 
  • Environmentally friendly materials of this, more peace of mind 
  • Universal wheel design, self-contained brake, stable and firm, easy to use this kitchen trash can.
  • The lower layer is opened by the foot, which is convenient and labour-saving 
  • Large opening design, easy to dump garbage, safe and intimate 
  • Side hooks of trash bin are useful for hanging bags 
  • Drawer design recycling bins can put garbage bags, more convenient.  

Specification weight: 
  • 38L: 3.6KG 
  • 42L: 4.2KG