Good Sleep Is Like Meditation And We Care For Your Good Sleep !!

Do you face problems like insomnia, snoring, fatigue, health webs, allergies and cervical distortions due to your old traditional pillows?


No more worries now. We are here to help you. Focusing on the health of our valued customers, our team members have brought new health-oriented innovative “Memory Foam Pillow”.



  • The pillow is designed with skin-friendly fabric, detachable pillowcase and a hidden zipper.
  • It is a polyester inner sleeve and slow rebound memory foam pillow filler can help you have a perfect and cosy sleep.
  • Deep cervical repair, strengthening cervical support and stabilizing sleep position to help you get a deep sleep.
  • According to ergonomic design, it fits the head and neck curve, effective decomposition pressure.
  • Indentation on both sides is ideal to rest arms during sleep.
  • Reverse slope keeps your head on the same line with the spine to prevent stiff neck for side sleepers.


    Product speciality:

    If you have a preconception that every pillow is the same, then it’s totally untrue. Our memory foam pillow is different from all as it not only confers you a restful sleep but also endows you many more benefits such as :

    • Ergonomic design: Its butterfly shaped design provides a supporting area for side sleep, supine sleep and for the neck.
    • Rebound memory foam: The lower the rebound force, the better the pressure absorption effect. Good absorption of pressure effect can reduce the pressure on blood vessels when sleep, thereby improving the quality of sleep.
    • Best supporting hand for neck and shoulder: It relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders, relieves neck fatigue, shoulder and back pain. Keep the continuous support form all night. Pillows promote proper alignment of the spine, which can relieve shoulder pain. 





      Specifications: Material:

      • Memory foam with velour cover + Polyester/cotton
      • Size:50*30*7*10cm
      • Weight : 0.6 kg

      Package Includes: 

      • 1X Rebound Memory Foam Pillow with Velour Cover