Quick Natural Lip Plumper Device – Automatic

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Want fuller lips without the painful injections and potential side effects?

Completely Natural Method. There’s probably not a woman on this planet that wouldn’t want amazing full lips.

This awesome quick and natural Lip Plumper Device has an automatic enhancer to create the fuller plumper lips and is more natural looking.

The process to do cosmetic surgery can be painful among many other problems you don’t want to deal with. Our amazing  Lip Plumper uses all natural method and material without any chemical inside.

After four to six weeks, the lips will actually plump up with more collagen production, saving Your Time on Lip Makeup.

This automatic lip enhancement helps you to spend less time on lip makeup. You can put it into your cosmetic bag which gives you the chance to have sexy lips whenever and wherever possible.

USB Charging so no need to buy an extra battery making it very convenient. 40 minutes charge can create around 1-hour use.

Specially Designed to Prevent Bruising and Injury. Soft silicone to give your lips a soft touch. We need is a gradual lip plumping progress. Through extensive testing on hundreds of individuals (results may vary). It shows it is safe and easy to use and a person will become accustomed to the process after the first treatment or two.


Item type: Lip Plumper Device
Product size: 18 x 5.6cm
Product Material: Silica Gel
Output voltage: 5V
Input current: 5V/2A
Battery: Lithium battery

Tips for Using The Lip Plumper
1. Choose lip style to shape according.
2. Apply the device over lips and press on/off button to start the suction.
3. Press on/off button again to release the suction. Repeat use to meet your needs.

Package Include:

Lip Plumper Device – USB data cable – Lip film – Manual