Professional Locksmith Air Pump Wedge Tool

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An air pump wedge is an excellent vehicle entry tool for professional locksmiths and repo professionals who need an easy, hassle-free way to pry a car door open for simpler tool entry. Air pump wedges typically feature an inflatable bag component that slips between the vehicle door and the car’s weather stripping as well as a hand pump that allows for manual inflation of the wedge bag. Auto lockout professionals should choose a high-quality locksmith airbag wedge that’s heavy-duty and non-marring to avoid chipping the car’s paint and upsetting customers.


  • Air Wedges are used between a car door and the door frame.
  • This locksmith door pump allows the user to create a space between the door and frame so a probe can be used to unlock the door via the interior unlock button or lever.
  • The air pump locksmith is also commonly used as a spacer when installing interior doors.

Using Steps:

  • Opened the package, take out the air wedge, air wedge and tube are in a separate State.
  • Insert the tube, close the valve
  • Keep squeezing, inflate wedge, when filled air stop.
  • Open the valve let air flow out when finished use.