Portable Vehicle Emergency Battery Booster

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Is the car in front of the door and you cannot start the car?
Is there no one around to help you with jumper cables? 

These problems are gone with this Jump Starter. This Jump Starter is powerful enough to give your battery enough boost to start the car. This Jump Starter can also be used as a power bank for when your phone is empty on the road. A complete power bank. The Jump Starter easily fits in your glove compartment. The Jump Starter is also equipped with lights. These can issue an SOS signal if necessary.


  • Large Power Capacity Durable Power Supply: Actual measurement shows that the Crown 3.0L naturally aspirated car can be started more than 40 times when fully charged
  • Easy Startup Even Under Low Temperature: High magnification polymer cell, safe under low temperature still can be successfully started at the temperature of minus 40℃.
  • Multi-mode Emergency Lighting: Long-press to start the lighting, multiple modes are available which can be switched freely as required.
  • Upgraded Battery Pack: Stronger Performance
  • Annular Charging Indicator Light: 4-level Annular Charging Indicator Light, Clear Battery Level at a Glance
  • Supply Power for Electronic Products: One USB output port is designed for the fast power supply of 5V/2.4 A for electronic products such as mobile phones


  • Battery Capacity(mAh): 8000-10000
  • Peak Current: 800 A
  • Conversion Rate: 70%~80%
  • Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Output: Battery Jack and USB
  • Item Weight: About 618g(without package)

How to use Jump Starter? Using the device as a 12V jump starter:
  • Insert the smart ignition clip into the EC5 interface of the startup power supply, the red light and green light of the smart clip will flash alternately
  • Clamp the positive and negative anodes of the smart ignition clip on to the car battery respectively. The red clip should be connected to the positive (+) end, while the black clip should be connected to the negative (-) end.

Then, follow the instructions below:

  • When the green light is turned on, the connection is correct and the battery can be jump-started.
  • When the red light is turned on, the clips are connected to the wrong ends. Connect the clips correctly and make sure the green light is turned on before jump-starting the battery.
  1. Go back to the car and start the car
  2. Remove the start-up power immediately after starting the car

(Notes: When the ignition clip is connected to the battery in order, if the indicator light on the side of the ignition clip lights up red, you need to use the forced start switch———Disconnect the negative pole of the ignition clip and press and hold the forced start switch on the side of the ignition clip for 3-5 seconds When the ignition clip indicator lights green, connect the negative pole to the battery. Then start the car.)

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