Portable scanner 900DPI

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High-quality HD Mini Wireless Portable Hand Held Scanner  
Features: High/moderate/low resolution settings. 
No connection to PC needed. 
High storage. 
Lightweight, easy to carry. 
Scanned data is JPEG format or PDF format, you can choose. 
Micro SD cards are stored directly read scan data, card reader or connect the USB cable can be achieved. 
Image Sensor: A4 Color Contact Image Sensor 
Scan Resolution: 900dpi/600dpi / 300dpi 
Storage Format: JPEG/PDF 
Scan size: A4 (216mm) 
Scan speed:
Color 900DPI 12 sec / page
Color 600DPI 8 seconds / page
Color 300DPI 3 seconds / page 
Storage volume(based on 2G TF card): 
900DPI about 300 pages  
600DPI about 400 pages 
300DPI about 1500 pages 
Transmission mode: USB2.0 
Power Supply: 1.Battery (the AA battery X2),  2. Power Supply by USB cable. 
Working mode: Offline scan 
Automatic shutdown 
Automatically power off if no action for 3 minutes 
Standard accessories: A USB cable, protective cover, two AA batteries 
Scanning software: Supports Windows Imaging, PhotoShop and other similar image processing OCR software 
System environment: Windows 2000/ME/XP, MAC X, 128 MB RAM, 1000 MB HDD 
Packaging includes: 
1 * Portable wireless scanner  
1 * USB cable  
1 * Cloth for wiping  
1 * Protective Bag  
1 * English manual