Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Love having a car that’s spotless? Can’t stand a car that’s messy and has crumbs that are hard to reach? Check out our car vacuum cleaner, made for you to keep your baby spotless and clean just the way you like it! This car vacuum can clean any area and part of your car at any time.

This compact, lightweight, cordless small vacuum cleaner is a game-changer for small cleaning jobs inside the car and home. It can be easily stored in the glove compartment and has strong suction to clean up all kinds of messes, including food crumbs, pet hair, dirt and debris in fewer passes than others.




  • Capsule’s cord-free design adds to its portability and manoeuvrability. You don’t have to be near an outlet thus will have more freedom of movement when vacuuming.
  • The portable vacuum cleaner capsule has featured a pure copper core motor with high continuous force and good heat dissipation. Small car vacuum suction power is further enhanced by the straight airflow pathway achieved by its innovative capsule-shaped construction.
  • The three-stage filtration combination in Capsule captures nearly 100% of the typical dirt and microscopic particles that are too small to be trapped inside the dust cup and can lead to poor air quality and allergy symptoms.
  • The capsule comes with a long crevice tool that will reach difficult spaces like in between and under car seats, seams, corners and gaps between surfaces, and with a cleaning brush that is thorough and delicate to clean carpets, air intakes and the centre console.
  • The mini vacuum cleaner is lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Three power batteries of Mini vacuum cleaner, triple battery life.
  • The filter of cordless car vacuum can be washed directly.




  • Material: Aluminium alloy+ABS
  • Running time: ≥ 21 minutes
  • Technology: Oxidation
  • Battery capacity: 11.1V/2000mAh
  • Input current: DC 5V/3A(max)
  • Absorbing pressure: ≈4kPa
  • Charging time: ≈3.5 hours
  • Charging input port: Type-C
  • Output power: 65W