Phone Case With 5 in 1 Phone Lens for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max


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Your iPhone 11 is already a very capable camera. By adding lenses and filters, you can do more with it. The 5-in-1 iPhone 11 Multi-Lens Case can help. It comes with 4 lenses (Macro, Fisheye, Telephoto) that you can switch quickly thanks to the slide and flip-up design. A lens cover is available to keep scratches and dust away.
  • This Phone Case is designed for iPhone 11/ iPhone 11 Pro/ iPhone 11 Pro Max photographing, 5 phone lens included.
  • Easy to Use: 5-in-1 MultiLens Case for iPhone portable with Slide And Flip Up Design, switch to different Lens quickly with the slide design, and come with a lens cover to protect the lens.
  • The lens cover prevents the lens from scratching, dust when no use.
  • iPhone cases can simple as a phone case, but it plays an important role when you want to do photographs.
  • CPL filter is great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water
  • Super Macro Lens captures life-sized images of the smallest objects at the highest quality.
  • 180° Fisheye Lens provides you incredible and dramatic rounded images, which takes you into the stunning and fantastic world.


  • Weight: 52 g
  • Tele focus (2 x 1 tele focus)
  • Case material: PC + TPU + aluminium.
  • The lens coating: multi-layer coating
  • Lens Type: Fish Eye (180° Fish Eye), Macro (10x x 20x x1 Macro)