Pet Bathing Glove Tool

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This is a brand new product is especially designed for pet massage bathing!
By simply putting on the gloves, water is automatically sprayed in the center of the palm of your hand when connected to water.There is no need for additional hose flushing to free the other hand.

There are more than 12MM raised teeth on the gloves to bathe pets while also helping the body of the pet to massage; promote pet blood circulation. Before bathing, you can use the convex teeth on the gloves to comb the floating hair on the pet and straighten out the hair. The water spray bumps with a height of up to 10mm can directly spray water into the roots of the pet hair. Deeper cleaning, more clean washing, and cleaning of long-haired pets are most appropriate.


  • Material: Environmental protection silicone + nylon mesh + green PVC
  • Also suitable for: Dogs, cats, monkeys and any other pets.
  • Package includes:1 x Deshedding Glove,1pcs water pipe, water pipe valve

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