Oval Antique Wrought Iron Tray

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The key to the retro decor of your space is that small item, that catch attention.

The oval shape, high corrugated borders, rustic metal tone, the combination of them all creates a wonderful decorative element, that will never fail to impress and delight.

Put it on an entryway table to hold other decorative items or things like keys, use them on the vanity of your powder room to hold soaps or perfumes and such, or use them on a coffee table to hold remotes or serve drinks. Multi-functional, accent trays can be used in any room – Their use is endless.


  • Can be used for storage trays, trays, bread, fruit, dried fruit, and other miscellaneous goods.
  • Everything will look equally good in it, fruits and baked goods, cutlery set and decorative items,
  • The metal tray is perfect for use inside and out
  • Durable to outdoor weather elements


  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 31X17.5X5.5cm
  • Shape: oval
  • Storage for: Fruit/Snack/Dried Fruit/Dessert/Cake/Vegetable

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