New Diving Snorkel Mask

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New full-face design lets you see absolutely everything around you when diving. You will behold more unprecedented beautiful scenery. mask devised and ameliorated elaborately will provide you with the optimal distortionless visibility as well as maximum visual field.


  • Adjustable Mask: Adjustable elastic drawstring and 360° adjustable respiratory systems. Not only the perfect fit face and free to adjust the length of strings. No pressure or dizziness on the head, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe snorkelling trip.
  • Anti-Fog Technology And Leakage-Proof: Adopting advanced film technology for clear visibility. The durable silica gel liner is capable of forming comfortable watertight sealing. You can have better experience in the undersea world.
  • Camera Mount Design: You can easily attach your action camera to capture every amazing moment in the sea and share your wonderful adventure with your family and friends.
  • 360°Rotatable Breathing Tube: Diving Snorkel Mask adopts two breathing tubes, 360°free rotation, supports backstroke, and can easily meet any posture underwater. Two intake tubes are feeding fresh air circulation by the mouth and nose together and make it easier than ever to breathe while you are snorkelling. The new dual-tube breathing mode avoids blockage of a single breathing tube and doesn’t worry about leaks or choking water.