Multi-function Retractable Shoe Dryer

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Triple security measures: nobody on duty is still at ease to use the subgrid to control the temperature in the machine. The temperature controller can be reset to control the temperature at 90 °, and the power will be cut off automatically if it is too high. The same is true for the temperature fuse. Double temperature control cuts off the danger of high temperature from the source. After the completion of the work, the bottom heat sink can dissipate heat quickly, and it can be used safely when unattended

The sweat glands on the feet are dense and easy to sweat. The urea and lactic acid in the sweat are fermented continuously in the sealed environment of the shoes and become the bacterial culture dish. Every time you wear shoes, you are like stepping into the fungus forest.

Intelligent constant temperature and continuous drying of moisture in shoes 65 ° hot wind shuttle between the suede layers of shoes, quickly carrying moisture and keeping the shoes dry. Strictly control the temperature of hot air, avoid damaging the internal fibre by high temperature, so that the shoes will remain soft after many times of brushing and drying. Drying shoes do not hurt shoes, always love your shoes.

Double U-shaped vents dry two pairs of shoes at the same time. In the rainstorm, the shoes of the family are all wet. It’s difficult to choose whether to dry the mother’s shoes first or her own. Delma breaks the limitation that only one pair of shoes can be dried by the shoe dryer in the past. The top is humanized with a double し type structure, forming a four-section bracket, which can dry two pairs of shoes at the same time, meeting the needs of a variety of shoes.

It can also dry shoes without waiting for a long time. It can continuously output soft hot air within 15 seconds after starting. The three-stage air outlet divides the soft airflow into small wind blocks and circulates them respectively to realize 360 cycle drying, even the hard to dry shoe tips can be dried. Shed type of air outlet can increase heat flow area and improve shoe drying efficiency.

Keep your footwear dry! Our Multifunction Retractable Shoe Dryer will not just help you to dry your shoes faster but also protects your feet from viruses and fungi. It prevents your feet from smelling funky with its deodorizing ability without using any chemicals.

Enjoy outdoor activities more during winter with dry boots! Perfect for any household, it gives your family’s feet a comfortable and healthy experience with dry footwear anytime! Your winter and rainy days will never be the same again!


  • Long-lasting heating to dry the shoes faster
  • 360-degree all-rounded heat
  • Special Ozone care for better maintenance of the shoes
  • Portable size and flexible tubes
  • Multi-functions: drying shoes, heating environment, killing germs, etc.


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Size: 211x117x280mm
  • Rated voltage / frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Rated power: 235w

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