Modern Table Keyboard Mouse Pad

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The best mouse pads will save your desk from scratches, enhance the life of your mouse, and maybe even support your wrist in an ergonomically-friendly fashion.

A good mouse pad still provides a consistent surface for your mouse first and foremost, but it also protects your desktop and your mouse, extending the life of both. Mousepads pick up lint and dust that would otherwise attach themselves to your mouse, and they’re easy to clean. Padded or soft cloth mousepads also add comfort.


  • High Protection Factor: Effective scratch protection on sensitive surfaces. Soft felt reduces friction when moving furniture and inhibits sound transmission Noise dampening for quiet shifting. Resistant and elastic.
  • Versatile Application: For use under chair and table legs or furniture feet Ideal for home furnishings such as vases and chandeliers eg. for the protection of glass surfaces For use on the parquet, laminate, PVC floors and tiles.
  • Easy Assembly: self-adhesive for quick and easy fixing. A high-quality adhesive surface ensures good adhesion. Smooth on your furniture as no drilling or screwing required.
  • Self-adhesive Felt: 5 mm (0.197 inches) thick, making it one of the thickest felt discs on the market.


  • Material: Fabric
  • Size: 700x330x2 mm /27.56×12.99×0.08 in
  • Colour: Black, Gray, Navy Blue
  • Weight: 85g 

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