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Mini Steam Fumigation instrument

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High quality About the product With different fumigants, the fumigation apparatus helps to enhance the nutritional status and promote the function of uterus, ovary, vagina, urethra and prostate and other parts of the body, actively relieves the pain of gynaecological inflammation, prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, haemorrhoids and other body pain.


  • Promote physical function other parts of the uterus, ovaries, vagina, urethra and prostate, so as to effectively alleviate gynaecological inflammation, prostatitis, painful sexual dysfunction. Haemorrhoids and other physical pain.
  • Who needs a healthy fumigation treatment? Since there is no pain, side effects of fumigation treatments, fumigation treatments really very useful, and very useful for pregnant women have pain or bleeding, which can be used as emergency measures to relieve pain and bleeding.
  • Menstruation for women after childbirth is good, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, menstrual hygiene needs, abnormal vaginal discharge, oily or dry skin, constipation or abdominal obesity, often have a mole, people.
  • About Rated voltage: 110V-240V, the structure of the steam treatment ergonomic – moisturize and nourish the far-infrared ointment.

Steam Seat Operating Instruction:

  •  Introduce water into a stainless steel pot. It is important to note that the amount of water cannot exceed the container; this is very important.
  •  The plastic box is used for loading herbs, and if you have herbs, you can put them in a plastic box and then put the plastic box on a stainless steel boiler, which you can also choose not to use it.
  •  Connect the power supply, start the steamer, adjust the heating speed according to your needs. If you click the “high” gear, steam will be generated in about 5-8 minutes;
  •  Install the cushion and sit slowly on the plastic mat and you can enjoy it;
  •  You can use the “high” and “low” gears to adjust the steam heat; When you press the “lamp” button, the red light of the machine will light up, the red light will emit far-infrared rays, and the far-infrared rays will be beneficial to the human body; when you press the “Automatic” button, the machine will be separated by high temperature and low temperature for 15 seconds. Automatic conversion; the machine has a timing function, it will automatically stop working after 35 minutes, so normal phenomenon.