Mini Disposable Temporary Hair Dye Comb

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Everyone is going crazy for these Magic Dye Combs.

These are the Amazing and Crazy Mini Magic Dye Combs. Made from environment-friendly water-soluble hair dye material. Bright colors that are so easy to aply. There’s no need for wet hair, you can apply straight to dry.

Self-contained combing function can bring you balanced hair dye, not make your hair knot and protect it. Unique hand grip design, easy to use, it won’t dye your hands or clothes.

6 Color optional available – so treat yourself to these amazing and FUNKY Colors! Buy all 6 and get an AMAZING DEAL!!! See bundle price above

Environment-friendly material
● Water-soluble hair dye body, environment protecting, complying with FDA certification standards. Bright colors shining, easy colored, easy to clean, no need to wet hair, these distinguished advantages can not only save your time but also make you beautiful when you hurry up to taking part in a party or other occasions.
Optional Colors
● Multi-colors can be chosen according to your taste and different occasions.