Mini 12 Stitches Sewing Machine

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You might love sewing in your free time, but then have to think twice before purchasing a full-size sewing machine. Regular size sewing machines are bulky in size and cost a hefty amount not to mention the technical knowledge you may need when sewing with them. Furthermore, it can also be challenging for you to store them properly in tight living quarters. Well, you can thank all-new mini sewing machines that are compact in size and pocket.

This household sewing machine is perfect for beginners & sewing enthusiasts. Built-in 12 stitch patterns meet your different needs of DIY sewing. It has many features and functions: double speed, double thread, replaceable foot, LED sewing light, reverse sewing, and much more. Perfect for many home sewing projects: altering and creating clothing, crafting, quilting, home decor, etc.

  • Multi-function sewing machine: A good helper for life, Users from Beginners to Advanced, Sawing machine Help you easily open the door to the sewing world. A beginner sewing machine can be used to sew denim, zipper, DIY fabric, insoles, bags, curtains, etc. to meet your DIY needs and add fun to life.
  • Portable Compact Mini Size: Our Sewing machine was designed with mini size and one stitching type which match the basic home sewing demand. The electric sewing machine is portable and suitable for sewing multiple light and thin fabrics.
  • User-friendly design concept: Handheld sewing machine design with drawer-type invisible storage drawer, accessories are not easy to lose, easy to take, the machine is exquisite, the upper handle is designed to be easy to move; portable mini sewing machine design can be placed on any plane without fixing.
  • 12 kinds of stitches: 1/2/3/4 is to adjust the stitch length straight stitch; 5/6 is the pattern stitch, 7/8 is the lock button stitch; 9/10/11/12 is the curve lock side stitches. As long as the adjustment knob corresponds to the corresponding number, you can use the body’s own stitches to get out 1-12 kinds of stitches.


  • Power: 7.2w
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Max. Sewing Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 28x12x27cm
  • Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 350rpm
  • feature 1: Sewing Machine
  • feature 2: mini sewing machine
  • feature 3: Portable sewing machines
  • feature 4: Sewing Machine Manual
  • feature 5: Sewing Machine Portable
  • feature 6: Domestic Sewing Machine
  • Stitch Length: 2mm adjustable
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 350rpm

Package Includes:
  • 2x Thread spools
  • 2x Metal bobbins
  • 1x Needle
  • 1x Threader
  • 1x Foot pedal
  • 1x AC adaptor

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