Manual Stainless Steel Mini Coffee Grinder

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Freshly Ground Coffee On The Go!

Are you a coffee lover?

Sick of not being able to enjoy proper freshly ground coffee when you're on the go? So quality, professional, and stylish without burning a hole in your pocket. This lightweight yet sturdy grinder is an amazing alternative to pre-ground coffee, which drastically reduces the lifespan and flavor of the beans. At a grind speed of close to 1 gram a second at French press setting, it's even one of the fastest hand grinders available on the market. Simple, strong and ease of use means you'll never have to "kiap" the grinder on your thighs while you twist and groan ever again.


  • The minimal design of Body
  • Patterned surface with easy hand grip
  • Adjustable Coarseness Point to Point
  • Unibody Metal body with High precision
  • High Hardness metal Burrs


  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PC
  •  Size:Body147mm x52mm,Handle 159mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • Colour: White/Black/Red

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