Magic Decal Eraser

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Want to get rid of that old, ugly sticker on your car? This super handy Magic Decal Eraser will easily remove your decals without leaving any costly damage on your car.

Having to take your car to the bodywork specialists to have decals removed can break the bank, but, this handy tool does all the work for you and you don’t have to pay the bill. Simply attach the Magic Decal Eraser to a drill and lightly move it side to side starting at the top of the vinyl and watch as it strips the vinyl off leaving your motor looking fresh and vinyl free.

Magic Decal Eraser


  • Easy to use
  • Attaches to any drill
  • Can be used to remove tape, vinyl and car wraps
  • Non toxic
  • Fast & efficient
  • No need for expensive garage bills


  • Thread: 5/16-24 teeth
  • Material: Rubber & Plastic

Magic Decal Eraser