Magic Cleaning Gloves

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Cleaning is a chore many of us could do without, unfortunately, we’re always going to have to clean, but what if there was a brand new innovative product that’s proven to make cleaning easier and quicker? Introducing the amazing Magic Cleaning Gloves. 

Your chores just got easier with these Magic Cleaning Gloves! Swirl away stubborn stains, grease & dirt with the silicone bristles for the cleanest & fastest result. Engineered to effectively foam & scrub while protecting your hands these super convenient gloves are made from non-water absorbent Silicone cleaning bristles and are super safe to use with the latest antibacterial technology are antibacterial.

So if you want to save time and take the hard work out of cleaning then these Magic Cleaning Gloves are perfect for you.


  • Scrubber + Glove in ONE
  • Cleans dishes, pots, pans, fruits, vegetables and more
  • Can be used to clean the bathroom too
  • Densely covered with anti-bacterial & anti-scratch bristles
  • Non-water absorbent & durable
  • Heat resistant & non-skid – Used as heat insulation gloves
  • Fast & thorough cleaning with no residues

How to use:

  1. Put detergent on the bristle.
  2. Rub to foam.
  3. Rinse and hang dry after use.
  4. Can be used as heat resistant gloves, for cleaning stoves/bathroom.


  • Material: Food-grade silicone