Magic Bluetooth Led Party Glasses

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These LED Glasses are super trending gadgets in 2020, Perfect for all ages to wear at a party or any night activities, Birthday Parties, Halloween parties, Mardi Gras Party, Christmas, Concert, Raves & New Year Celebrations.

It’s a great gift choice for family & friends as a party supply. With DIY customization: change the text and pattern as you like, it will show up on the LED display, Draw or write anything in the APP, or simply choose from the pre-set animations, and be the coolest dude around, Easy to see through, just like a normal sunglass.


  • LED Light Glasses is Perfect for all ages wear in the party, dance party, Night Activities, Birthdays Party, Mardi Gras Party, Halloween Party, Concert, Raves & Celebrations, Christmas, and it’s a great gift choice for family & friends about the party supplies DIY Blue Tooth Upgrade Version (Multiple Modes).
  • With USB rechargeable cable: LED glasses working time about 5 Hours under fully charged. High-cost performance & environment-friendly
  • LED Light Glasses are awesome, fun, and super bright. definitely an attention and conversation starter during your event.
  •  Flashing decoration: easy to see through without obstructing your vision, also as a cool while wearing them during the holiday
  •  Bluetooth enabled you to connect to the App (iOS &Android ) to and instantly customize your messages!
  •  APP controls the glasses pattern, you can change the text and pattern in DIY.

  • Led glowing glasses has an ultra long-life battery, up to 500 cycles or more
  •  Adopt energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED lamp beads
  •  Charging protection: The charging status displays a red light, and the charging is completed automatically
  • Working principle: LED beads are powered by the battery and can be reused after charging
  • Use and operation: When charging, directly link to the USB interface. At this time, the red light is on, indicating that the glasses are in the charging state when the charging is full, the red light is automatically turned off.