LED Night Running Chest Lamp


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LED Night Running Chest Lamp gives you confidence!

You need to run in the dark anytime with great visibility for vehicles, bicycles and other people. See the sidewalks, roads and obstacles just like in the daytime. 

Many runners die every year from being hit by a vehicle and this can easily be avoided with the chest running light. You don’t want to be one of these. If you really care about someone who loves to run, this might be the perfect gift for that person to show that you care.


  • 90 Degree Adjustable Beam Angle: It is a vertical beam that can be adjusted 90 degrees to meet the requirements of runners for inclines and descents.
  • High Beam Distance: The light beam illuminates the path in front of the runner at a distance of 25 meters to detect possible obstacles or dangers. It is much further than the old style.
  • Long Battery Life: The intensity of the manual light settings of intensity 2: 4 hours with 500 lm (high light) and 10 hours with 125 lm (low light) to ensure that you reach the desired brightness with a single button. And the
    USB rechargeable lamp is waterproof, practical, reliable and durable for outdoor use.

  • Visibility Of Environment: This is one of the most innovative and effective safety lights on the market. The reflective, elastic bands and the two flashing red LEDs on the back of the battery cover ensure that runners can be seen by the driver and prevent an unnecessary accident in the dark. And the small “cap” prevents the front light beam from dazzling the runner.
  • Comfortable To Wear: Each strap is 4 ” longer than the old style to suit different body groups and achieve the most comfortable condition, even fat runners, it is zoomable and durable. The adjustable chest strap with high elasticity allows you to adjust the length and tension to your individual body, to be held around the body and not to move so that you feel comfortable and comfortable during training.


  • Material: ABS 
  • Colour: Black / Red / Blue
  • Powered by: 2200mAh rechargeable battery 
  • Run time: 3-6 hours 
  • Charge time: 5.5 hours