Kitchen Knives Set

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These knives are comfortable reduces hand fatigue, does not slip.

Kitchen Knives Set - Knife Sets


  • Soft Weight
  • Sharp and Durable
  • Super Anti-rust
  • High-end Appearance
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Scientific and Unique Design
  • Easy to cut meat, fruit, vegetable, etc.
  • High-quality gift box, suitable for a gift to your family or friends.

Kitchen Knives Set - Knife Sets


  • Please keep it away from children.
  • Please don’t keep the edge and point of knife aim to people.
  • Please don’t catch the knife by hand when the knife dropdown.
  • Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it to the dry place.
  • The blade is very sharp, please don’t use your finger to test the knife sharpness.
  • Please don’t use the knife to cut bone, frozen meat and other hard things.
  • Please don’t put the knife in the dishwasher

Kitchen Knives Set - Knife Sets

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