High-Quality Edison Light Bulb

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Retro Edison incandescent light bulb is a very popular and well-demanded light bulb. This bulb is high transmittance glass shade and retro tungsten wire. The voltage of this bulb is 220V 40W.   


  • It is a very high-quality bulb with different sizes and different shapes. For the different shape,
  • Retro Edison bulb can be used in a living room, bedroom, dining room, coffee shop, restaurant, commercial, engineering, indoor, outdoor, professional etc.
  • It gives brightness to the luxurious atmosphere of the metal colour.
  • The most innovative design has in the retro tungsten wire with filament wire, spiral wire, the beautiful Christmas and stars wire etc.
  • This bulb can enhance the beauty of the environment.

  • The design is retro so that your interior has a different atmosphere, long life and high luminous efficiency.
  • Energy-saving, low heat, low power consumption.
  • Greatly reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.
  • Suitable for use in halls, bars, offices or homes.
  • E27 40W Retro Edison Light Bulb Filament Vintage Ampoule Incandescent Bulb, AC 220V.